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How many Pods should I get?

It's like having a light bulb in every room and their connecting spaces. Add a Pod to every "space" you want to be lit up with WiFi - any space that is separated by walls.

You don’t have to obsess about where exactly to place your WiFi. Plug it into a convenient outlet with few obstructions as possible.

Large Family Home

Downstairs: Foyer, Kitchen, Living Room, Dining Room, Office

Upstairs: 3 Bedrooms, Hallways

6-12 Pods


2 Bedrooms, Living Room, Kitchen, Dining Area

4-6 Pods

Typical Apartment

1 Bedroom, Living Room, Kitchen

3 Pods

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For a new Plume setup, we recommend that you onboard at least 3 Plume Pods to fully experience Plume’s Adaptive WiFi.

If you are purchasing Pods to add on to your existing Plume network, proceed to Checkout.

Please note that you need to keep the connection between one Pod and your modem or router by Ethernet cable when using Plume.

Our 6-Pod and 3-Pod packs include set-up instructions and an Ethernet cable while the Add-on single packs do not.

Add Pods to Bag

$329 Six Pack
$179 Three Pack
$69 Add-on Pod




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